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Monthly review September 2022

The first autumn month of September presented itself in our region with a mean
temperature of just under 13.7 °C as 0.6 degrees too cool compared to the climate reference
period 1961-1990. In the September months, the air temperature in Dresden increased by
only 0.8 degrees in the long term compared to other months in the period 1961-2022.
The sun shone for a total of 142 hours. This corresponds to a small minus of 3 hours. In the
months of September, however, the sunshine duration in Dresden increased by an average
of 25 hours in the period 1961-2022.
The sum of all individual precipitation measurements in Coswig in September was 80.0 mm.
This was 174 % of the reference value for this month. The previous negative annual
precipitation balance in 2022 was thus reduced to a minus of 83 mm. The drought situation
in the deeper soil layers down to a depth of 1.8 m could not be relieved by the partly
abundant precipitation in September. Only the topsoil up to a depth of about 25 cm was
sufficiently soaked this month.
The fact that deeper layers in our region were not soaked will not have gone unnoticed by
the attentive hiker, because most of the small streams in our region have still dried up.
Despite the positive precipitation balance in the past two months, there is still no sign of any
radical easing of the situation with regard to the moisture penetration of the soil as a whole.
In addition, even in this rainy month the Coswig area had to be counted among the areas in
Saxony and Germany with comparatively little precipitation (Dresden-Klotzsche 100 mm;
German average 100 mm). This situation, which has been observed frequently in recent
years, is not only attributable to the Elbe valley location, but also to other local factors
(small-scale foehn effects, comparatively low-thunderstorm region, etc.) (Fig.1).

Weather in Saxony in September 2022:

Trough weather conditions in conjunction with the influx of cool air dominated the weather
pattern in September, so that once again, after many too warm months, a slightly too cold
month could be registered. Due to the significantly lower temperatures and the shorter
sunshine duration, one could literally feel that autumn had arrived.


Fig.1: The photo from 9 September 2022 shows a snapshot (around 8.30 pm) of an intense
thunderstorm in Brandenburg, southwest of Cottbus. At the same time, also from Dresden-
Klotzsche, several thunderstorm cells could be observed in the Bautzen area. Weather
situation: Showers and thunderstorms occurred regionally in Saxony and Brandenburg in the
area of inflowing high-altitude cold air (photo source: Wilfried Küchler).

Autor: Wilfried Küchler

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