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Monthly Review November 2022

November fitted into the general warming trend in Germany. With a mean temperature of
5.8 °C, the month landed in 16th place in the ranking (period 1961-2022).
The sun shone for a total of 117 hours. This corresponds to a considerable increase of 59
hours. Only in 2011 and 2003 did the sun shine longer. In the ranking since 1961, this year's
November thus reached a remarkable 3rd place.

In terms of precipitation, around 80 per cent of the climate average was achieved across
Germany, although there was an enormous southwest-northeast gradient. Large parts of
Brandenburg, the Berlin area, large areas of Mecklenburg, but also the west of Saxony were
particularly dry. The sum of all individual precipitation measurements in Coswig in
November was 46.4 mm. This corresponded roughly to the normal value for the month of
November. The previous negative precipitation balance for the year 2022 thus did not
increase further in Coswig and is currently minus 109 mm. The pronounced drought
situation in the deeper soil layers down to a depth of 1.8 m has not changed.

Short overview autumn 2022 *Base: Weather data of the DWD station Dresden-Klotzsche
Mean temperature of 10.8°C 1.3 degrees too warm. Long-term trend + 1.0 degrees (1961-
2022). Total precipitation of 163.7 mm 13 mm too wet thanks to the wet September. Long-term
trend + 4 mm (1961-2022). Sunshine duration of 422 hours 97 hours too sunny. Long-term trend + 55 hours (1961- 2022). Sunshine duration has thus increased considerably in recent decades.

Weather in Saxony in November 2022:

The month was characterised by frequent high pressure. A blocking high pressure system
over north-eastern Europe ensured for a long time that the westerly and north-westerly
conditions typical for November could not prevail in central Europe. The relatively
favourable precipitation balance in November in our region was solely due to the fact that
the cold front of low pressure NELE stalled in its eastward movement and consequently
caused abundant rainfall of about 25 mm in our region (Fig. 1).


Fig.1: Frontal movement of depression Nele over Central Europe. This front stalled over
eastern Germany and caused heavy rainfall in Coswig on 4.11.2022 (image source: Berlin
weather map).

Autor: Wilfried Küchler

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