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The silver linden

The silver linden (Tilia tomentosa) comes from south-eastern Europe and tolerates drought very well. It can therefore be recommended for parks and larger gardens with a view to climate change in our region as a tree species similar to the sweet chestnut, service tree and black pine. The tree is a valuable food source for bees and bumblebees. A few decades ago, the silver linden tree had unjustly fallen into disrepute, causing bumblebee and bee deaths. The fairy tale of the "evil" silver linden tree has long since been scientifically refuted. The flowering time of the silver linden is later in comparison to our native linden species (small-leaved linden and small-leaved linden), which beekeepers have always seen as an advantage. If you decide to grow a native linden species, the small-leaved linden is preferable to the small-leaved linden, as it has been shown to be more drought tolerant.


Abb.1: Früchte der Weizenbirne


Autor: Wilfried Küchler

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