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Monthly Review October 2020
The month of October was 1.1 degrees higher than the 1961-1990 climate reference period
warm. A minus of -39 hours was calculated for sunshine, which means that the
presented this year's October as a rather cloudy month with only 83 hours of sunshine.
The last time the sunshine balance was below average was in February.
The sum of all individual measurements of precipitation reached 89 mm in Coswig in October.
The monthly total thus corresponded to 223% of the normal value for October. So we can
register a month with a significantly above-average amount of precipitation.
Due to the very heavy rainfall in mid-October, the topsoil* became good
soaked. The drought in the overall soil* could spread in the Meissen-Coswig-
Radebeul continue for the time being (as of the UFZ drought monitor from October 28th, 2020),
since the rainfall was still not sufficient to deal with the precarious situation in the deeper
to end extremely parched soil layers.
Weather conditions: Predominantly changeable weather due to trough and
Westerly weather conditions kept us under control from the beginning of the month, but only on the 14th and 15th.
October there were large ones across the board in connection with the Vb low Gisela
Rainfall of mostly more than 50 mm in Saxony and therefore also in our region. Thereafter
the mostly cloudy weather continued with mostly only less significant ones
Precipitation continues, with quite cool days on the one hand, but on the other hand by the
Cloud cover also quite mild nights were recorded. The first day of frost read with it
still a long way off and the blooming splendor of the dahlias in the gardens showed up in the
into November. In conjunction with a strong westerly current from North America across
on the 29th and 30th a high trough crossed us eastward across the North Atlantic to Central Europe
and related to a fairly stationary small low sustained
Land rain, with more than 20 mm of precipitation in Coswig at the end of the month
could measure.
- Only precipitation is measured in the Coswig intercultural garden.
The above information on air temperature and sunshine duration therefore refer
to the Dresden-Klotzsche station of the German Weather Service.
- The term "entire soil" means the root-through area up to approx. 1.8 m
- The term "topsoil" refers to the area up to 25 cm deep.
- Information on drought always refers to the drought monitor of the
Environmental Research Center Halle/Leipzig (UFZ)

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