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 Kerstin Richter
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Monthly Review November 2020
The month of November made its name as a gray and wet month this year
no honor. It was 1.6 degrees too warm compared to the climate reference period 1961-1990.
He contributed to the fact that the annual balance of the air temperature was + 2.1 degrees
centigrade lies. After 2019 and 2018, the year 2020 will be extremely warm
classify year. In terms of sunshine, November recorded an increase of 45 hours.
This means that the annual balance for 2020 has already increased to a significant plus of 391 hours.
The sum of all individual measurements of precipitation reached Coswig in November
only 4.9 mm. The monthly total corresponded to only 11% of the normal value for
November. So once again we have to endure a month that is considerably too dry
to register. The year-to-date balance sheet is now in spite of the episodic heavy precipitation
in August and October with a deficit of – 47mm.
Due to the very little rainfall in November, the topsoil* and the
Entire floor* not (further) soaked. The drought in the whole soil could spread in the
Meissen-Coswig-Radebeul region as a hotspot alongside north-west and north-east Saxony
set (as of the UFZ drought monitor of 28.11.2020). We still have to go
extreme to extraordinary drought of the whole soil (due to the still strong
dried out deeper soil layers).
Weather conditions: The unusually mild weather continued until about the middle of the month
due to a predominantly south-westerly flow, with the sea air being subtropical
origin was led to us, continued. In Garsebach near Meißen, the
temperatures on 14.11. even up to 18°C. Which was also often listed afterwards
High pressure continued to prevent heavy rainfall. Some cool days in the
second half of the month, the clearly positive temperature deviation of the month
reduce something.

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