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Monthly Review November 2021

The month of November was compared to the reference period 1961-1990 at the weather station
Dresden-Klotzsche is 0.9 degrees too warm. With a monthly average of 5.4 °C, he belonged
thus to the warmer November months since 1961. It has been in the ranking since 1961
21st place.

50 hours of sunshine were registered, a minus of 18 hours compared to that
official reference period 1961-1990. We have one in our region
November month with little sunshine experienced.

The sum of all individual measurements of precipitation reached ours in November
Measuring point in Coswig 54.3 mm (an increase of 9 mm). The monthly total was 120
% of normal for this month. We registered thus with regard to the total
amount of precipitation that has fallen after the two previous months that were much too dry
a little too wet November. The total deficit of the autumn nevertheless fell a lot at -48 mm

weather characteristics:
At the beginning of November, a long-wave trough over Central Europe determined this
weather conditions in Germany. In connection with this, from 3 to 5.11. the
classic Vb low PETER from northern Italy via the Czech Republic and western Poland northwards and
brought the long-awaited continuous rain in our region. The value of this
The event became particularly visible at the end of the month, because until the end of the month
frequent, but consistently only insignificant rain or drizzle. The November
was often foggy and cloudy after this episode under the predominant influence of high pressure.
The onset of winter - as announced by some media - occurred this month
not yet.

November 2021.jpg

Fig. 1: The Vb low "Peter" moving northeast on November 4th and 5th, 2021 brought in the east
Germany's long-awaited and sometimes heavy rainfall (source: Berlin weather map).

Author: Wilfried Küchler

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