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Monthly overview May 2020


The month of May was the first month with below average temperatures since exactlya year. Especially the cold nights, including those that were very pronounced this yearIce saints led to this. In addition, there was an above-average amount of sunshine andoverall a below-average rain total per month (see monthly table). The onlyplus to note – our region hasn't been the same this monthTail light in terms of precipitation in Germany. In terms of Saxony, however, we areagain in the lower third of all stations.The sum of all individual measurements of precipitation in May - on ours in Januarymeasuring station put into operation this year in the intercultural garden in Coswig -gave a value of 45.8 mm. The monthly total was only 76% of theNormal for May. As a result, it rained too little overall in May. Comparedwith the normal value for 1961-1990 there was a deviation for the past monthfrom -14 mm. This increased the summary calculated from January 1, 2018Precipitation deficit in the Coswig area even from -396 mm to -410 mm (this corresponds toa water column of approx. 40 cm!).As in April, it came again in May in Central Europe - the west current -blocking weather conditions, whereby due to the relevant for SaxonyAir pressure distribution mainly cold air from Scandinavia determined our weather. InAt the same time, there was an extreme heat wave in Southeastern Europe, which only worsened in the lastthird of the month weakened. On the positive side, there were at least three in Coswig"heavy" precipitation events (with more than 10 mm of rain in 24 hours on ourStation / on May 12th, 23rd and 28th) that could be recorded that the water shortagetemporarily reduced somewhat in the topsoil. Despite this fact, theDrought is still a big issue.

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