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Monthly Review June 2020
June was 1.6 degrees too warm. This puts the exception of something
hypothermic May, the series has continued to be consistently warm months for a year. At the
Sunshine missed the long-term average of about 200 hours by -21 hours.
The sum of all individual precipitation measurements reached in June in Coswig
only 32.3 mm. The monthly total was only 53% of the normal value for June.
Another month during which it rained far too little. The drought has settled altogether
intensified and remains on the agenda.
Note: “June brought plenty of precipitation in Germany overall, distributed
but very unfair to them: With around 90 liters of rain per square meter, it was in
Germany an above-average wet June. The highest daily amounts were with up to
to 133 mm reached during thunderstorms in eastern Germany. But there were also regions where
all the downpours passed.” These “downpours” didn’t reach us either. The region
around Coswig established itself as one of the very few and quite small drought
enclaves in Germany.

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