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Monthly Review July 2020

The month of July was 1.2 degrees too warm at the Dresden-Klotzsche weather station. In order toWith the exception of May, which was somewhat cold, the series continues with months that are too warmgone for a year. With sunshine, there was a plus of 40 with 255 hourshours achieved.The sum of all individual measurements of precipitation in July in Coswig reached only24.8mm The monthly total thus corresponded to 41% of the normal value for July. We hadthus re-register a month during which it compared to the reference value1961-1990 rained far too little. The drought continued to worsen.In July, a western depression developed on the southern flank of a low-pressure complex in GermanyFlow stopped, with the often cooler sea air masses to Central Europewere transported. As a result, such a high temperature level ashire in the past two years. Expectedly entered the northGermany's in connection with this westerly current spread precipitation. veryHeavy rains are repeated this month in the southern half of Bavariabeen registered. On the other hand, it was more or less much too dry in a wide areaStrip that stretched from Saarland to Lusatia. Locally there were just 10mm of precipitation measured.

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