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Monthly overview January 2020
As already reported, at the end of last year on the premises of the
intercultural garden a new precipitation measuring point for the Coswig area
furnished. Measurements began as planned on January 1, 2020.
All individual measurements of the month of January resulted in a monthly sum of the
precipitation of 16.8 mm. This amount of precipitation corresponded to only 44% of the
reference value for January. This winter month was also considerably too dry.
Compared to the reference value for 1961-1990, there was a deviation of -21 mm.
This increased the already significant precipitation deficit (since January 1, 2018)
in the Coswig area further to about -387 mm. This shortcoming corresponds to a water column above
the ground of almost 40cm. In large parts of western and southern Germany,
In the course of the winter, the drought situation – at least, due to heavy rainfall in some cases
temporarily - but more or less weakened.

Assessment of the current situation in the Coswig area
Over the past two years, 2018 and 2019, there had already been a significant
Precipitation deficit set - with the consequence that our soils up in larger
Depths (to a depth of almost 2 m) have dried up completely in many places. Those who have fallen so far
low winter precipitation with us have nothing fundamental to this situation
changed. On the contrary: Due to the low January precipitation, the drought has eased for the time being
also continued in winter and the overall deficit has even increased since January 1, 2018

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