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Fig.: Monthly precipitation deviations in 2020 in Coswig/measuring point
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Year in review 2020


The year 2020 was that with an average of 11.0 °C at the DWD station Dresden-Klotzsche
third warmest after 2019 (11.2 °C) and 2018 (11.1 °C) since 1934. Three years in a row, the
were noticeably too warm and also too dry. The year 2020 and the summer of 2020 were
each 2.2 °C warmer than the reference period 1961 to 1990, which we used for the assessment of the
maintain longer-term climate development. The largest deviation of the 12 months
we registered +5.2 K (degrees Celsius) for February. It is also noteworthy that
that the seven warmest years of the measurement series so far occurred in the 21st century.

Last year was only 3 months compared to the long-term average
clearly too wet; February, August and October. Mid-October brought the small low
"Gisela" the long-awaited extensive and productive rainfall also in our
Region. The remaining months were almost always far too dry. The final
Annual balance showed a precipitation deficit of -135 mm for Dresden-Klotzsche, whereby the
most striking deviations were recorded in spring. With regard to the
Sunshine ended the year with a significant plus of +435 hours; in turn
with the greatest deviation in spring (+235 hours). That made three in total
Consecutive years observed to be too warm, too dry and well above average
were rich in sunshine.

The lower ones benefited from the few heavy precipitation episodes in 2020
Soil layers about 1 to 2 meters deep do not. The extraordinary, which has existed since 2018
The drought of the entire soil was thus maintained. The catastrophic state of our forests
exemplarily proves the serious negative consequences of the multi-year drought.

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