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Monthly Review August 2020
August was 3.5 degrees higher than the 1961-1990 climate reference period
warm (Dresden-Klotzsche). In Saxony it turned out to be the fourth warmest since 1881 (after
2015, 2018 and 2003). With the exception of the cool May, the series continues throughout
too warm months for a year gone. In the case of sunshine, a plus of 32
hours reached.
The sum of all individual precipitation measurements reached in August in Coswig
123.9mm The monthly total was thus 171% of the normal value for August. we
can thus register a month with a significant excess of precipitation.
Under the predominant influence of high pressure, the drought lasted in the first decade of August
first on. Aggravating that after the last two dry
the soil had already dried out in the summer. About Western and Central Europe
there was a severe heat wave. A significant development for our region
now took place mainly in higher layers of the atmosphere. It formed over
France a shallow heat depression called HEIKE and extended its influence to us. in the
The sphere of influence of the heat depression occurred in our region on the morning of August 10
severe storms in many places. The imposing thunderstorm cells moved due to
only very slowly due to the lack of high-level current. This led to very different
amount of precipitation in a small area.
In Garsebach near Meissen, 47.7 l/m² fell in 24 hours. Our measuring point in Coswig brought it
still at 29.1 l/m², while no rain fell at all in Dresden-Strehlen, for example. Private measurements indicate that in the core area of the storm in the vicinity of the Lößnitzgrund in Radebeul, even more than 70 l/m² of rain came together. In the area of the thunderstorm cluster, the maximum temperatures on this day reached only 22.2°C in Garsebach, for example, due to downmixed cold air from higher air layers - despite the heat wave continuing over a large area. The day before it was still 33°C. Small high altitude lows also led to more than 10 l/m² in Coswig on August 15th and 18th
precipitation. On August 26th and the following day, a storm caused a storm
autumn mood picture. At the end of the summer, what happened in the 3 years of drought
had hoped for again and again... crossed a so-called Vb low (MARLIS low).
Saxony and led to productive (between 40 and 80 mm)
rains. Now, at last, intensive precipitation events have been caused by chance
spared areas generously supplied with water from above. In the 3 drought summers 2018-
2020 was the first summer month to close on a clearly positive note
Precipitation balance from (see monthly table).

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