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Monthly overview April 2020

April was the sunniest April since records began. He also proved to be extremely dry in Coswig (comparable only with the exceptional April 2007). Due to the frequent predominance of dry, cold air, there were more frost days in this spring month than in the previous winter months.

The sum of all individual measurements of precipitation in April resulted in a value of 1.5 mm. The amount of precipitation corresponded to only 3% of the normal value for April. Compared to the normal value for 1961-1990, the deviation for April was -47 mm. As a result, the total precipitation deficit in the Coswig area calculated from January 1, 2018 increased from -349 mm to -396 mm.

As in March, so-called omega weather conditions frequently occurred in April. We came into the sphere of influence of high pressure areas that blocked the westerly flow. Large-scale and heavy rainfall was not recorded in Saxony this month either. Towards the end of the month there were local showers, which in no way mitigated the critical drought situation.

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