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Spring 2020 review

In spring 2020, the temperatures in Germany fell on average overall (the
April was too warm, May too cold). In many places, the three months of March to May were the
sunniest since measurements began. In some places there were more days with in the spring
Ground frost than in the previous three winter months December to February. That
the most serious feature, however, was the extreme drought, especially in April.
Even the spring before the onset of the 2018 drought summer was significantly wetter. That
Precipitation deficit since the beginning of 2018 increased by -76 mm last spring
now -410 mm. A more than worrying start to summer 2020. The driest
Incidentally, it was in sub-regions of Saxony-Anhalt; there came less in the three months
than 30 mm from the sky (in Coswig, thanks to the month of May, it was at least 69 mm). 2020
could represent the third drought year in a row depending on future summer weather. One
there has never been a comparable critical situation since the beginning of the measurements in Germany

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